Variation in resource utilization and mortality among patients with varying MR type and severity

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Background: Limited data exists regarding the relationships between resource use and outcomes in patients with mitral regurgitation (MR). We examined resource utilization and outcomes across MR type and severity.
Methods: Using the Duke Echocardiography Laboratory Database, we identified patients with an index echo demonstrating moderate or severe MR (2000-2016) and examined 5-year cumulative rates of resources (ie, TTE, TEE, cardiac catheterization, cardiology/CTS referral, MV surgery/TEER, hospitalizations) by severity and type. We performed a multivariable landmark analysis of resource use during a 6 to 12 month period and 5-year mortality; and a multivariable analysis of the association between MR type and 5-year hospitalization costs.
Results: Among 4,511 patients with moderate or severe MR, 84.7% had moderate MR and 42.2% had secondary ischemic MR. The median age was 70 years-moderate, 66 years-severe. The mean 5-year cumulative resource utilization rate was 11.1 encounters/patients. Among patients with moderate or severe MR, there was significant variation in utilization of each resource by MR type (all P < .05). For severe MR, the performance of cardiac catheterization or MV surgery during the landmark period was associated with significantly lower mortality; for moderate MR, CTS referral during the landmark was associated with significantly lower mortality (P < .05). Patients with secondary ischemic and non-ischemic MR had significantly higher 5-year hospitalization costs compared with primary myxomatous MR (P < .05).
Conclusions: Resource utilization and outcomes vary by MR type and severity. Utilization of resources, such as TTE, during guideline-recommended surveillance periods was not associated with a reduction in mortality while other care (catheterization or surgery) was associated with improved survival.


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