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Background: The exact prevalence of left ventricle non-compaction cardiomyopathy (LVNC) in south Asians is not known and phenotypic CMR characteristics, clinical features, and outcomes of LVNC remain unknown for the SA population.
Objective: To evaluate clinical characteristics, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging features, and outcomes of patients with left ventricle non-compaction.
Methods: This was a retrospective study of 294 patients undergoing cardiac MRI (CMR) for evaluation of cardiomyopathy from 2011 to 2020. Patients were stratified based on the presence or absence of left ventricle non-compaction (LVNC). Clinical characteristics, CMR features, and outcomes were evaluated.
Results: Out of 294 patients, 18 patients had LVNC, with a prevalence of 6.1%. The mean age was 32 ± 13 years, and the majority were males (78%). The mean EF by echo was 36 ± 14 and by CMR was 31 ± 16 and the mean LV mass was 151 g. The mean LVEDV was 290 ± 154 and the mean LVESV was 211 ± 126. LGE was present in 33% of patients. The majority had uniform LV non-compaction (56%) followed by predominantly anterolateral and apical involvement (28%). Mitral regurgitation was the most common valvular pathology (33%). On follow-up of 37 months, the majority experienced at least one all-cause MACE (69%), while 14% of patients experienced mortality on follow-up. When compared with dilated cardiomyopathy patients without LVNC, the subjects were younger (p = 0.002) and had higher EF by an echocardiogram (0.001) and a lower arrhythmia hospitalization (p = 0.039). No difference was observed in overall MACE outcomes, mortality, and CMR features.
Conclusion: The prevalence of LVNC is low in the studied population. Patients with LVNC have younger age, higher EF by echocardiogram, and lower arrhythmia hospitalization when compared with patients with dilated cardiomyopathy without evidence of LV non-compaction. The presence of LVNC does not confer an increased risk of MACE.


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