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Background: COVID-19 pandemic has introduced us to a greater need of virtual learning platforms and has resulted in less clinical exposure for fellows-in-training. Virtual and simulator-based learning is not widely available in LMIC. It is imperative to analyze feedback of CV fellow-in-training regarding this mode of learning before large scale implementation.
Methodology: This was an observational study conducted between July-August 2020. A multicentered survey was conducted. Survey questionnaire was disseminated to FIT (fellow-in-training) via Google Forms. The questionnaire contained a total of 24 questions about virtual and simulator-based learning during the pandemic.
Results: A total of 68 FIT responded to the survey. The mean age was 29.9 years. There were 37% females and 63% males. Majority (75%) agreed that it was easier for them to reach for online sessions than physical sessions. 60% FIT were confident in asking questions or giving comments during the online sessions. 57.4% FIT felt it easier to go through cardiovascular imaging/illustrations via online platforms. 50% (34) were confident that if online sessions had to continue, they would have enough academic learning before they graduated from the program and 54.4% (37) wanted online sessions to continue even beyond the pandemic days. 37.5% (18 out of 48) agreed that the simulator-based teaching was helping them practice skills in times of less clinical exposure.
Conclusion: COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted cardiovascular FIT learning curve because of less hands-on and lack of physical teaching sessions. LMIC have lack of robust e-learning platforms. Virtual learning is convenient for academic learning with growing acceptance amongst fellows. FIT from LMIC are less acquaint to simulator-based teaching and there is a need to invest in simulator-based cardiovascular teaching in LMIC.


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