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OBJECTIVES: To determine the frequency of White Coat Hypertension in patients undergoing ambulatory blood pressure monitoring at a tertiary care center and to compare ambulatory blood pressure profiles of normotensives, white coat hypertensives and hypertensives.METHODS: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted which included all adult patients undergoing ambulatory blood pressure monitoring over a 3-year period. Those patients with incomplete data, less than 85% successful BP readings and inadequate number of daytime and nighttime readings were excluded from the study. The data on ambulatory blood pressure monitoring comprised of demographics, blood pressure, pulse pressure and mean arterial pressure readings at every 30 minutes interval and also a graphical representation of patients' 24-hour blood pressure recording. SPSS was used for data analysis. Chi-square test and analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used for qualitative and quantitative variables respectively.RESULTS: A total of 277 patients with a mean age of 48.98 +/- 17.52 years were included. There were 189 (58%) males included in the study. Out of the total, 46 (16.6%) patients had White Coat Hypertension, 59 (21.3%) were Normotensive and 172 (62.1%) had Hypertension. The mean age of Normotensives was 40.80 +/- 14.11 years, White Coat Hypertensives was 37.72 +/- 14.58 years and Hypertensives was 54.80 +/- 16.76 years (p


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