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Medical College Pakistan; Radiation Oncology


The availability of cancer registries has significantly enhanced cancer research, especially that related to cancer epidemiology, survival, interventions, and outcomes.1 However, by using publicly available sources, we aimed to map the availability and extent of cancer registry data in each country. We also aimed to test the association of registry data with metadata such as country income and national cancer-related policies. Data from 190 countries were collected from the WHO country cancer profiles.2 We sought data on the presence of an operational national cancer control policy, strategy, or action plan and the presence of a cancer registry. If those data were present, we looked for additional details on the cancer registry, including whether the registry was population based or hospital based and, if it was population based, whether there was national or subnational coverage. Complete data from Réunion (French), South Sudan, Guadeloupe (French), Martinique (French), Guyana, Puerto Rico, West Bank, Gaza Strip, and New Caledonia (French) were not available and thus were not included in our analyses. The availability of cancer registry data worldwide was depicted as a choropleth map using eSpatial mapping software.


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