Intrapulmonary schwannoma presenting as an asymptomatic lung mass: A case report

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Medical College Pakistan; Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Cardiothoracic Surgery


Background: Schwannomas are solitary well-circumscribed encapsulated benign tumors that exhibit Schwann cell differentiation, and arise directly from myelinated peripheral or central nerves. Although they are usually asymptomatic and found incidentally, schwannomas can cause symptoms due to compression of nearby structures which, depending on the location, can make clinical presentations widely variable. Despite their rarity, schwannomas have been documented in a number of locations including the limbs, cerebellopontine angle, posterior mediastinum, and, far more infrequently, the lungs.
Case presentation: In this article, we report an incidental finding of an intrapulmonary schwannoma in a 59-year-old Pakistani woman who was grossly asymptomatic upon presentation to the cardiothoracic surgery clinic. An [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography scan revealed a lobulated soft-tissue lesion measuring 23 mm × 23 mm in the lower lobe of the right lung. A computed tomography-guided core biopsy of the mass was performed, which revealed a benign spindle cell lesion based on histopathological examination and immunohistochemical staining. The mass was surgically resected via a right lower lobectomy, and subsequently confirmed to be an encapsulated neoplastic lesion composed of well-differentiated Schwann cells. There were no short- or long-term complications, morbidities, or recurrences based on 1-year follow-up.
Conclusion: This report underscores the predominantly asymptomatic nature of schwannomas and reemphasizes the efficacy of surgical resection as a safe and curative procedure for a tumor of this nature. Albeit very rare, intrapulmonary schwannomas can be considered a differential diagnosis when encountering solitary asymptomatic pulmonary nodules or masses.


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Journal of Medical Case Reports