Global cardiovascular research: Gaps and opportunities

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Medical College Pakistan; Medicine; Cardiology; Internal Medicine; Institute for Global Health and Development; Office of the Provost


Purpose of review: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. CVDs contribute to a large health and economic burden on a global scale. We aim to describe the current landscape of global cardiovascular research, highlight significant findings, and identify potential opportunities for further studies.
Recent findings: There has been remarkable research output regarding cardiovascular health in recent decades. Large-scale collaborative studies have made impactful strides in identifying modifiable risk factors and forming evidence-based guidelines to facilitate improved cardiovascular care and outcomes. However, there are significant CVD disparities between high- and low- income countries which require interventions to mitigate these inequalities. Encouraging collaborative partnerships, strengthening research capacity in low-resource settings, and promoting equity in research are fundamental strategic approaches to help improve global cardiovascular research.


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Current Cardiology Reports