Wandering spleen with acute torsion mimicking an adnexal mass

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Case Report


Medical College Pakistan; Radiology


Wandering spleen manifests when the splenic ligaments are underdeveloped, or become lax, thereby allowing the spleen to relocate from its anatomical site to more distant areas. During such movements, torsion of the long splenic peduncle is common, which can lead to symptoms of acute abdomen and further complications such as infarction. It is typically seen in children and young females. Our report presents a case of a 22-year-old female presenting to the ER with complaints of severe pain in the abdominal region. On ultrasound, there was suspicion of an adnexal mass, which was later confirmed to be a misplaced spleen in the lower abdomen, with torsion, fat stranding, and splenic vein thrombosis, as revealed by enhanced CT abdomen and pelvic MRI. It was followed by an emergency splenectomy. As wandering spleen presents nonspecifically and is a rare condition, it is important to consider wandering spleen when patients present similarly to this case, to prevent misdiagnosis and to deliver surgical treatment quickly to preserve the spleen

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Radiology Case Reports