Mediastinal paraganglioma of the aortopulmonary subtype - A surgical challenge

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Case Report


Medical College Pakistan; Cardiothoracic Surgery


Introduction and importance: This case report describes the successful surgical management of a 30-year-old male with a non-functional carotid body tumor and a mediastinal paraganglioma occupying the aortopulmonary space. The report highlights the rarity of mediastinal paragangliomas and the challenges in their surgical management.
Case presentation: The patient underwent pre-op angioembolisation of the carotid body tumor, followed by excision and left cervical lymph node dissection. A large mediastinal mass was identified and resected during surgery without needing a cardiopulmonary bypass. The patient recovered well from surgery. Histopathology confirmed the diagnosis of clinically recurrent paraganglioma.
Clinical discussion: Mediastinal paragangliomas are rare and challenging to manage due to their proximity to major vascular structures. Surgical intervention is the preferred treatment, but the risk of complications is high. In this case, the surgical approach involved resection of the mediastinal mass without cardiopulmonary bypass. This approach reduced the risk of complications associated with bypass procedures. The procedure's success underscores the importance of early diagnosis and prompt surgical intervention.
Conclusion: This case report highlights the successful surgical management of a rare and clinically challenging mediastinal paraganglioma without cardiopulmonary bypass. The report underscores the importance of prompt diagnosis and surgical intervention in mediastinal paragangliomas


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International Journal of Surgery Case Reports