Bilateral pneumothorax in a patient with angiosarcoma of the scalp: A case report

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Medical College Pakistan; Medicine


Background: Angiosarcoma is a rare, vascular malignancy that arises from endothelial cells of blood vessels. This case report aims to create the awareness of its existence in the region and its mode of presentation.
Case presentation: A 63-year-old Pakistani man presented to the emergency department with sudden bilateral chest pain and shortness of breath for 2 days. On examination, a scalp lesion was seen which had been increasing in size over the last 6 weeks. The lesion was 8 × 10 cm in size with an irregular border, non-tender, violet and dome-shaped in elevation on the right occipito-parietal lobe of the skull. Chest computed tomography (CT) showed multiple cystic lesions on both lungs, patchy areas of ground-glass opacities, nodules of variable sizes and bilateral pneumothorax. Bilateral tube thoracostomy was performed which provided symptomatic relief for shortness of breath. His bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) was negative for infection. He underwent biopsy of scalp lesion which was positive for aggressive angiosarcoma.
Conclusion: Bilateral spontaneous pneumothorax can be the initial manifestation of aggressive cutaneous angiosarcoma and frequently leads to respiratory failure. Early recognition is essential to prevent delay in diagnosis and management


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Journal of Medical Case Reports