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Background: As the pediatric population requiring health services rises globally, developing countries are struggling to cater to the growing burden of non-communicable diseases - particularly those requiring specialized surgical care.
Main body: Despite the literature supporting specialized pediatric surgical care, the developing world is far from meeting the American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA) Manpower taskforce recommendation of at least 1 qualified pediatric surgeon per 100,000 patients (0-15 years-old). In Pakistan, there is an unmet surgical need in the pediatric population due to a multitude of short shortcomings, notably in quality and quantity of the training programs on offer, and urgent short- and long-term steps are needed to improve this dire situation.
Conclusion: It is crucial for the global surgical community to take steps, especially with regards to pediatric surgical training, to ensure delivery of accessible and quality surgical care to the world's children.


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BMC Pediatrics

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