Access to person-centered care: a perspective on status, barriers, opportunities and challenges from the Eastern Mediterranean Region

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Family Medicine



"Access to Person-Centered care" is a major area of concern throughout the world including the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Objective: This networking paper reviews current status, barriers, opportunities, challenges and future directions with regards to "Access to Person-Centered care" in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

Methods: The lead Author from the "Working Party on Research of Eastern Mediterranean Region" invited members through its "ya-hoo group" to participate in this networking project.

Objectives and work plan were developed by the lead Author and shared with interested contributors. Co-Authors and Advisors were invited to contribute and timelines were set for contributors to submit their report. Submissions were collected by lead authors and put into a draft that was shared with contributors for feedback. After incorporating feedback, the final draft was edited by the "Editor" before submission for publication consideration.

Results: Access to Person-Centered care in the Eastern Mediterranean Region shows extreme variations. At one end there are oil and gas rich countries that offer advanced health care services to the majority of their local population while on the other end are impoverished countries that are unable to provide even minimum required services to their people. Inequalities in health status have been growing since the mid-1990s and have resulted in an increasing gap between the most advantaged and disadvantaged social groups. There are social, cultural, religious and economical barriers that may impede access to healthcare. It warrants a need to address these barriers on a priority basis so that "Universal access" to "Person-Centered care" may be made available to the population of the region.

Conclusion: A well planned and evidence based approach is the only way forward to ensure universal access to all populations in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Access to Person-Centered care is the need of the hour in the region. Provision of health care services through a well deined health system with a prime focus on a primary care model delivered by trained family doctors is the single most appropriate step to achieve health for all.

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Middle East Journal of Family Medicine