The way forward to public health in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries: a need for public health systems and law

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Family Medicine


Introduction: Public health systems in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries are not well established. The existing systems do not match with the current health challenges and with the use of innovative technology in healthcare (diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitation). This paper is intended to give an overview of the public health situation in these countries. It discusses the need for effective and integrated system of public health laws that plays important role in addressing high priorities in public health. Conclusion: The GCC countries have the infrastructure for estab¬lishing a national public health system. However it needs an effective integrated and organized mechanism to shape this system; based on acceptable guidelines and criteria in such a way that they are institutional and capable of meeting the population needs.

This system should be cost- effective and investment in health sector should be looked upon as a sustained investment in human and societal development. Despite the great efforts exerted and achievements made, there are great challenges ahead that can be overcome by exhibiting a strong political will and having a united approach of all stakeholders.

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Middle East Journal of Family Medicine