A case report of hypokalemic periodic muscular weakness secondary to Sjögren's syndrome with distal renal tubular acidosis

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Family Medicine


Key clinical message: An underlying autoimmune condition should be suspected in patients who presented with periodic muscular weakness secondary to distal RTA that leads to hypokalemia because distal RTA is commonly associated with autoimmune disorders such as Sjögren's syndrome.
Abstract: A 22-year-old female presented with a sudden onset of bilateral weakness in both upper and lower limbs. The patient had a history of muscular weakness secondary to hypokalemia and dryness of the eyes for the last 3 years. Laboratory investigations revealed decreased potassium and metabolic acidosis. Further investigations confirmed distal renal tubular acidosis (RTA) and Sjögren's syndrome. A diagnosis of distal RTA secondary to Sjögren's syndrome was made. Her potassium levels were replaced, and she was discharged with oral potassium supplements, steroids, and artificial tears.


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