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The active check-over for disease among apparently healthy people is a fundamental aspect of prevention. This is perceivable by screening, which is a search of unrecognized disease or condition by means of rapidly applied test, examination or other procedures in apparently healthy individuals. This is carried out in the hope that earlier diagnosis and subsequent management favorably alters the natural history of the disease in a significant proportion of those who are identified as 'test-positive'. Family Practitioners have privilege to provide comprehensive and holistic health care services including preventive, curative and rehabilitative on continuous and long-term basis to all members of family irrespective of their age, sex and nature of disease and condition. Screening of disease being an important preventive strategy should be offered by Family Practitioners to their clients when ever recommended and appropriate. However, before screening is initiated, a decision must be made whether it is worthwhile, which requires scientific, financial and ethical justification. This review summarizes the basic concepts and criteria regarding the screening for diseases.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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