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Objective: To study patient’s knowledge, perceptions attitude and practice with regard to low blood pressure.
Design: A Questionnaire-based survey.
Settings: Family Practice Center, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan, in June 2004.
Main outcome measures: Low blood pressure is a disease, causes and treatment of low blood pressure, patient ever suffered from low blood pressure, low blood pressure can be diagnosed with BP apparatus, without apparatus and stress can cause low blood pressure.
Results: A 110 patients were interviewed. Majority of the subjects were educated young married men, well placed socio-economically. A majority (73%) of the respondents consider low blood pressure as a disease entity. Weakness, dizziness, low mood and headaches are reported as symptoms and use of salt (41%) and medications (20%) are considered treatments for low blood pressure. Conclusion: Further studies are recommended to ascertain the existence of low blood pressure syndrome in our population as a myth or a disease entity. Physician and patient education is also strongly recommended.


Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences

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