Traumatic optic neuropathy from an air gun pellet injury: A case report

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Case Report


Emergency Medicine


Orbital apex fractures are a debilitating condition that can cause vision problems and are often associated with intracranial injury. Traumatic Optic Neuropathy (TON), which results in vision loss following a traumatic injury to the optic nerve, can be caused by various mechanisms, but most cases involve injuries to the globe, orbit, or adnexa. We are reporting a case of an 18 year old male with a history of an air gun being accidentally discharged into his left eye. He was evaluated and found to have an Orbital apex fracture with left eye TON. Patient was administered high dose steroids. Detailed evaluation by Ophthalmology revealed a left eye traumatic stage I macular hole which was conservatively treated with visual improvement reported during patient follow up.


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Oxford Medical Case Reports