Compliance with the sepsis resuscitation care bundles in the emergency department of a developing world tertiary care hospital – A clinical audit

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Emergency Medicine


Background: Severe sepsis and septic shock are catastrophic syndromes resulting in a systemic inflammatory response and dysfunction of one or more end organs. The Surviving Sepsis Campaign is an international collaboration in order to reduce mortality in severe sepsis and septic shock using a standard bundle of care approach.
Method: We conducted a retrospective observational clinical audit in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Aga Khan
University Hospital, Karachi. The compliance rate against each element of the 3 and 6 hour bundle were obtained.
Result: Majority of patients were female with mean age of 64 years. Blood lactate was undertaken 46.5% of the time however
majority of patients received timely intravenous fluids and antibiotics. Blood for Culture and sensitivity and blood lactate clearance were measured poorly.
Conclusion: We conclude that compliance to sepsis resuscitation bundles in our setting is inadequate therefore higher training, education and increased awareness is imperative.

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Infectious Diseases Journal of Pakistan