Mucormycosis in a patient with COVID-19 with uncontrolled diabetes

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Case Report


Emergency Medicine


A wide range of bacterial and fungal coinfections may be associated with COVID-19. We report a case of rhino-orbital mucormycosis in a patient with COVID-19. A 67-year-old man, known case of diabetes, hypertension and ischaemic heart disease, was being treated for COVID-19 pneumonia when he developed right cheek eschar and ophthalmoplegia. Imaging studies revealed pansinusitis of bilateral maxillary and sphenoid sinuses with thickening and enhancement of right-sided soft tissue, lacrimal gland, mastication muscles, temporal lobe infiltrate and cerebellum infarct. Emergency right face debridement, right eye exenteration and bilateral functional endoscopic sinus surgery were done. Histopathological examination confirmed mucormycosis diagnosis. He was given amphotericin B and broad-spectrum antibiotics. It is important to have high index of suspicion for fungal coinfections in patients with COVID-19 with pre-existing medical conditions. There is a need to emphasise judicious and evidence-based use of immunomodulators in patients with COVID-19 to avoid triggering and flaring up of fungal infections.


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BMJ Case Reports