A case for global surgery in Pakistan: Implementation through multi-disciplinary engagement

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Emergency Medicine


The increasing disparity in healthcare access in Pakistan requires immediate intervention in the form of informed policy and appropriate implementation of such a policy. The implementation of a global surgery framework in Pakistan has the potential to improve healthcare access and parity in rural areas. Benefitting from the lessons learned through previous attempts at implementing centrally planned health programmes, This paper makes the case for a decentralised approach in facilitating the implementation of a Global Surgery framework in Pakistan. The Critical Creative Innovative Thinking (CCIT) forum, established at the Aga Khan University (AKU), Karachi, has an important role to play in this regard. The CCIT forum has demonstrated ability in developing and facilitating multi - disciplinary engagement around topics of biomedicine and healthcare, and in growing such engagements to their commercial value. Hence, the CCIT forum has immense potential in creating a highfunctioning ecosystem around Global Surgery, thereby formulating a dynamic implementation plan - outside of conventional, centrally implemented public policy frameworks.

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JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association