Knowledge, attitudes and practices of barbers about hepatitis B and C transmission in Hyderabad, Pakistan.

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Community Health Sciences


Hepatitis B and C virus (HBV/HCV) infections are serious global health problems. Shaving by barbers has been identified as the key risk factor for spread of HBV. We conducted a cross-sectional survey of barbers in Hyderabad city, Pakistan in 2007 to establish their knowledge and attitudes to the risk of HBV and HCV transmission and their working patterns. Observations showed that 96.2% washed razors with antiseptic after each client and 95.7% used a new blade with new clients. However, knowledge about the diseases and modes of transmission were poor and only 36.6% knew that hepatitis can be transmitted via shaving instruments. Only 3.2% of 186 barbers were vaccinated against HBV. Strategies are needed for raising awareness and regulations of barbers' practices.

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Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal = La Revue De Sante De La Mediterranee Orientale = Al-Majallah Al-ṣiḥḥiyah Li-Sharq Al-Mutawassiṭ