Maternal depression: A major risk factor for psychosocial wellbeing among preschoolers

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Community Health Sciences


This study aims to determine the prevalence of behavioural problems among preschoolers and their association with maternal depression. A cross-sectional study was carried out in three districts of Sindh province of Pakistan. Mothers were interviewed by using a structured questionnaire during household survey. Total 1566 children were assessed on Strength and Difficulty Questionnaire while mother was inquired about her mental health by using Aga Khan Anxiety and Depression Scale (AKUADS). Almost 23% children were rated as abnormal and 23.5% as borderline by their mother on SDQ scale. 21.5% mothers were found depressed. Maternal depression was found to be highly significant association with childhood behavioural problems (OR for borderline behavioural problems = 1.30, CI: 0.96-1.76; OR for abnormal behaviour = 2.04, CI: 1.53-2.71). The OR did not change significantly when adjusted for child's gender or age or both. Maternal depression was found to be a significant risk factor for childhood psychosocial wellbeing and behavioural problems.


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Asian Journal of Psychiatry