Knowledge and Perception Regarding Autism among Primary School Teachers: A Cross-sectional Survey from Pakistan, South Asia

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Medical College Pakistan


Background: Early detection and intervention seem to improve development in autistic children, and teachers form an important part of their early social environment.Objectives: The objective of this study was to assess baseline knowledge and misconceptions regarding autism among school teachers and evaluate factors influencing their knowledge.MATERIALS AND Methods: This is a cross-sectional survey enrolling primary school teachers using a self-administered questionnaire.Results: Seventy-three teachers (mean age of 34 years, 66% females) responded. Gaps in awareness and knowledge were found. About 52 (71.2%) teachers identified themselves as having some knowledge about autism, with 23 (44.2%) among this group understanding autism as a neurological/mental disorder. The majority (73.1%) believe that special education is a helpful intervention. The only significant factor that influenced knowledge among teachers was attendance of behavioral classes (P = 0.01).CONCLUSION: Results suggest that teachers have an inadequate understanding of autism due to several misconceptions. This calls for increased education of teachers with regard to autism and other childhood disorders.

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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

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