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Community Health Sciences


Objective: To assess the knowledge and practices of barbers regarding transmission risk of HBV and HCV viruses.Methods: A cross-sectional survey of barber's shops in Rawalpindi and Islamabad was conducted during September- November1998. Barbers were queried about hepatitis, knowledge regarding hepatitis transmission through razor, vaccination, sterilization, and the form of media they use for information and entertainment. Use of instruments on at least 2 clients were observed in each shop. Proportion and their 95% confidence intervals were computed.Results: Of 96 barbers approached, 12 (13%) knew that hepatitis is a disease of the liver, causing jaundice, it is transmitted through parenteral route and could also be transmitted by razor. During the actual observation of 192 clients, razors were cleaned with antiseptic solution for 22 (11.4%) and reused for 88 (46%) shaves.CONCLUSION: Level of awareness among barbers about hepatitis and risks of transmission is very low, and their practice of razor reuse that may spread hepatitis is very common. Messages about hepatitis need to be incorporated in media campaigns, in addition to regulation of practices.


Journal of Pakistan Medical Association