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Community Health Sciences


The use of translations of instruments for detecting anxiety and depression continues to be debated. An indigenous screening instrument has been developed in Urdu for anxiety-depression syndromes at the Aga Khan University. It has been developed from the complaints of 150 anxious and depressed patients presenting to a non-speciality clinic and has been validated in 53 patients in a psychiatry clinic. The questionnaire has 25 items, 13 psychlogical and 12 somatic. At a score of 20 it has a sensitivity of 66%, a specificity of 79%, a positive predictive value of 83 and a negative predictive value of 60. In comparison with available instruments in Urdu, comprising of either psychological or somatic items, this scale includes both, which increases its reliability for use as a screening instrument by Community Health Workers in a primary health care setting, in epidemiologic work in Pakistan and in transcultural psychiatric research.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association