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Community Health Sciences


A rapid nutritional and health evaluation of a random sample of 163 pregnant women was conducted in low socioeconomic settlements of Karachi, with the objective of determining the morbidity and nutritional status of pregnant women. These data are expected to be used in an ongoing community-based antenatal care programme. Twenty-nine percent of women reported fever, 14 percent diarrhoea and 33 percent respiratory infections in the previous week. Mean weight was 54.8 (+/- 10.6) kg, mean height was 151.6 (+/- 6.0) cm and mean midarm circumference was 25.6 (+/- 3.2) cm. The mean uterine height at gestational ages 8 months and over was 32.1 (+/- 10.2) cm which is below the 10th percentile. These results suggest a chronic, mildly malnourished population with a high rate of infections. Specifically, we suggest that maternal height and uterine height be used to assess women at high risk for low birthweight.


Journal of Pakistan Medical Association