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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) can have serious immediate as well as long term consequences, both for the mother as well as the off-spring. It seems that women of south Asian origin are not only more likely to have GDM but also suffer more from the adverse consequences of the disorder. These consequences include the development of type 2 DM in women with a history of GDM and a higher risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome in the off-spring. Pakistani physicians should consider GDM seriously because the WHO states that rise in the prevalence of type 2 DM will mainly occur in developing countries such as ours. Since GDM can lead to development of type 2 DM, efforts should be made to prevent type 2 DM through lifestyle modification strategies in this high risk population. It is important that we develop some clear cut guidelines for prevention and treatment of GDM.

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Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association