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Community Health Sciences



To assess the knowledge and beliefs of adolescents (15-19 years girls and boys) regarding sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS.


A community based cross-sectional survey was conducted in October 2002 in a rural district (Mirpurkhas) of Sindh province, Pakistan.


A total of 428 adolescent girls and boys were interviewed. Only 44% correctly named at least one STI, while 55% knew at least two modes of transmission for HIV/AIDS. Adolescents with education greater than or equal to secondary level, those who were able to read the newspaper, possessed electricity in their homes and were allowed to meet their friends once in six months had significantly more HIV/AIDS knowledge.


We conclude that rural adolescents of Sindh need more knowledge regarding STIs including HIV/AIDS. There is a need to formulate strategies to raise the levels of awareness and knowledge among adolescents regarding these conditions. Our findings indirectly support the use of mass media and peer education strategies to provide factual information to adolescents


Journal of Pakistan Medical Association