Healing the schism: medicine and public health in Pakistan.

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Background: The relationship between medicine and public health has a long and complex co-evolution. In developing countries where the health needs are greatest and resources are few, this relationship is of critical importance.
Development of medicine and public health at the Aga Khan University: This paper provides a case study of the development of the relationship between medical and public health at the Aga Khan University (AKU), a leading educational institution in Pakistan, which was founded with a vision of reuniting medicine and public health. Rapid growth and development have led to successful medicine and public health programs, but have fallen short in creating the synergies needed to address the population health problems of the country.
The way forward: In a twenty-five year history of strong growth and development, the AKU has recreated the schism that marked US institutional development in the 20th century, despite strategic consideration to address population health in the design of the University. We recommend the creation of public health schools that focus on leadership to renew an emphasis on unifying health concepts and actions following successful examples to bring medicine and public health together.

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Education for Health (Abingdon, England)

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