Association of family history of cardiometabolic diseases (CMDs) and individual health behaviours: Analysis of CARRS study from South Asia

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Objectives: Family history is considered as an important predictor of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and diabetes. Available research findings suggest that family history of chronic diseases is associated with perceived risk of disease and adoption of healthy behaviours. We examined the association between family history of cardio-metabolic diseases (CMDs) and healthy behaviours among adults without self-reported CMDs.
Methods: Cross-sectional data of 12,484 adults, without self-reported CMDs, from the baseline survey of Centre for cArdiometabolic Risk Reduction in South-Asia (CARRS) cohort study were analysed.
Results: Family history was positively associated with non-smoking and high fruits & vegetables consumption in the age group of 45-64 years and moderate to high physical activity in the age group ≥65 years after adjusting for sex, education, wealth index, city and body mass index.
Conclusions: Understanding perceived risks and cultural or psychological factors related to family history through ethnographic studies may deepen understanding of these associations.


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Indian Heart Journal

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