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OBJECTIVE: The study aimed to determine the frequency of endometriosis in women who underwent diagnostic laparoscopy for evaluation of infertility and the association of clinical, ultrasonographic and laparoscopic findings of endometriosis with the laparoscopic stages of the disease.METHOD: It was a retrospective study of women presenting to gynaecologic clinics of the Aga Khan University Hospital from January 1999 to December 2005 with primary complaint of primary or secondary infertility and were diagnosed with endometriosis through laparoscopy. Relevant demographic and clinical information was entered and analyzed in SPSS version 14.0.RESULTS: The frequency of endometriosis in women with primary compliant of infertility was found to be 16.8%. Statistically significant associations was found between staging of the disease and thin built (p=0.007) and restricted uterine mobility on pelvic examination (p=0.035). The patients' ultrasound and laparoscopic examination showed significant association with staging of the disease with the presence of cysts on ultrasound (p-value < 0.0001) and adhesions on laparoscopy (p value


Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association