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This paper presents a practice-based conceptual (theoretical) model to address medication adherence. The study reviews literature for different rationales of medication adherence and its associated factors. It also reviews the interventions involved in improving medication adherence and its effect. It is known that many interventions applied have not received great success owing to the fact that they have not been employed in regular clinical practice. Furthermore, models or theories utilized for different interventions were based on patient perspective only. The model presented in the paper is based on health care professionals' perspective, with an aim to be employed in clinical practice. The model framework is based on five premises on the basis of which the two dynamics, patient and health care professional, work. The model is presented with a graphical representation and exemplary procedural framework. It is also compared to other related procedural models. It is suggested that using such a model will allow medication adherence as an integral part of health care outcomes.


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Patient Preference and Adherence

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