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Biological and Biomedical Sciences


Blood lead levels of healthy Karachi population were estimated. Mean levels for males, females, soldiers and school children were 34.4, 31.8, 29.9 and 38.2 micrograms/dl respectively. About 93% cases of either sex had elevated lead levels, of whom 30% males and 10% females had levels above the safety limits (40 micrograms/dl). Soldiers living in relatively pollution free area though had levels lower than the rest of the population but 91% had levels over 25 micrograms/dl and only two had acceptable levels. Ninety-two percent children showed levels above 25 micrograms/dl with a large number having levels over 40 micrograms/dl. A very small percentage had normal levels. Pollution by traffic exhaust was assumed to be the principal cause for these high levels.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association