Biological activities of Indian celery, Seseli diffusum (Roxb. ex Sm.) Sant. & Wagh.

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Biological and Biomedical Sciences


In continuation of our work on Indian celery (Seseli diffusum (Roxb. ex Sm.) Santapau & Wagh, Umbelliferae), the fractionation of the 80% MeOHH2O extract of the seeds was performed to identify the principles responsible for its folk use as an antispasmodic and diuretic. Several compounds were isolated as active components: seselin (1) and anthriscinol methyl ether (4) showed a selective cytotoxicity to some yeast strains. Compound 1 also showed spasmolytic activity. On the other hand, isopimpinellin (3) and isorutarin (5) exhibited a spasmogenic effect on the smooth muscle preparations. Compound 5 was also found to have antioxidant activity. Among them, compound 4 was isolated for the first time from this plant.


Phytotherapy Research

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Apr 11 2013