Dream of a conducive learning environment: One DREEM for all medical students!

Rehana Rehman, Aga Khan University
Kulsoom Ghias, Aga Khan University
Syeda Sadia Fatima, Aga Khan University
Mehwish Hussain
Faiza Alam, Aga Khan University


Objective: To compare students' response assessed by Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure on the basis of the year of study, gender and pre-medical educational background.Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried out at the Aga Khan University Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan, from June 2014 to March 2015, and comprised medical students. The average scores of Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure scales and subscales were compared between gender and educational background. Responses were also compared on the basis of year of study.Results: Of the 416 participants, 184 (44%) were males and 232 (56%) were females. There were 100 (24%) students in the first year, 90 (21.6%) in second, 92 (22.1%) in third, 91 (21.9%) in fourth and 43 (10.3%) in the fifth year. The mean Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure score was 125.7±16.8. The mean score of females and students with higher secondary school background was significantly better as compared to males and students in British General Certificate of Education background, respectively (p<0.0001, p=0.017). Female medical students were satisfied with the atmosphere of teaching and learning (p<0.0001; p=0.011). Year-wise comparison showed significantly better Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure score responses by fourth-year students (p<0.0001).CONCLUSIONS: Assessment by Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure endorsed approval of conducive learning environment with reference to atmosphere, teaching, learning, sense of well-being, academic self-perception and achievement by all medical students.