Differential effects of dimethyl sulfoxide on human platelet aggregation and arachidonic acid metabolism

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Biological and Biomedical Sciences


DMSO inhibited human platelet aggregation induced by ADP, AA, PAF, or collagen in a concentration-related manner, in vitro. DMSO was a more effective inhibitor for aggregation induced by ADP and collagen than PAF or AA. However, in vivo experiments on rabbits showed that DMSO did not protect rabbits against death from pulmonary platelet thrombosis induced by AA. On the other hand, DMSO (1-30% v/v) had no effect on thromboxane production by platelets incubated with [14C]AA. Moreover, DMSO stimulated PGE2 production by bovine seminal vesicle PG synthase. DMSO also stimulated the production of 12-HETE but inhibited the production of tri-HETE produced via lipoxygenase pathway. Since lipoxygenase products play an important role in inflammation, our data suggest that the anti-inflammatory effects of DMSO are probably not mediated via its action on AA metabolism.


Biochemical Medicine and Metabolic Biology