Cost-effectiveness of exercise stress testing performed as part of executive health examinations

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Biological and Biomedical Sciences


Background: An executive health examination is offered at many hospitals for "busy executives" that comprises of a typical history and examination along with screening tests for major cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses. Exercise stress tests are also frequently included in such packages, though the appropriateness of such stress testing remains uncertain.AIM: To assess the appropriateness and cost-effectiveness of exercise stress tests performed as part of executive health examinations.MATERIALS AND Methods: Records of all individuals who underwent an executive health examination at our institution between January, 2007 and December, 2012 were retrospectively reviewed. Data were collected pertaining to demographics, cardiovascular risk factors, indication of stress testing and results of exercise stress tests.Results: Of a total of 1650 subjects who underwent exercise stress tests as part of executive health examinations, indication for exercise stress testing was class IIb or III (as per American College of Cardiology's appropriateness criteria) in 96.1% of subjects. The cumulative cost and time burden of testing for these subjects were Rs. 11,419,200/- PKR ($114,192USD) and 2weeks and 4days, respectively. Exercise stress tests were not positive for ischemia in any such cases.CONCLUSION: Based on the results of this study, exercise stress tests should not be routinely offered as part of executive health examinations.

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Irish Journal of Medical Science