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10ABSTRACT 11Nigella sativa (black seed) is an important medicinal herb with folkloric use in wide range of diseases. It is 12well studied for its biological activities. However, there is limited information regarding its effect on the 13male reproductive system. This study describes the effect of the aqueous extract of N. sativa (NSE) on 14 testicular steroidogenesis from mice Leydig cells in vitro. Mice testicular cells were incubated in a media 15 containing either no treatment or NSE or LH alone or combination of LH and NSE. Incubations were 16 carried out for three hours in a shaking water bath at 34°C. Testosterone was measured by 17 radioimmunoassay. At all doses, NSE significantly (p < 0.05) inhibited both basal and LH-stimulated in 18 vitro testosterone secretion. At a dose of l000 μg, NSE inhibited 52% of basal testosterone and 97% of 19 LH-stimulated testosterone, compared to control (0.32 ± 0.008 ng/ml) and LH alone (0.33 ± 0.01 ng/ml) 20 respectively. Thus, it is concluded that that both the basal and the LH-stimulated secretion of testosterone 21 from Leydig cells are suppressed significantly in the presence of different doses of NSE in vitro. However, 22 further studies are needed to explore the effect of chronic treatment with NSE in male and its potential to 23 be used as a contraceptive in male.


Iranian Journal of Pharmacology & Therapeutics