Studies of oil from cowpea (vigna unguiculata ( l.) walp.) cultivars commonly grown in Pakistan

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Biological and Biomedical Sciences


The physiochemical properties and fatty acid ( FA) composition of oil from seeds of 4 cowpea cultivars viz., Elite, CP(1), White Star and SA dandy, commonly grown in Pakistan, were investigated. Oil contents ranged from 2.71-2.96% with triacylglycerols being present in highest amount. Iodine values were found highest in CP1 while SA dandy and CP1 excelled in saponification values and acid values, respectively. Despite variations unsaturated fatty acids were observed as being present in higher concentration in all cultivars. Among sterols, stigmasterol was present in highest amount followed by beta-sitosterol and campesterol. Among tocopherols, alpha-, and beta-tocopherols were observed as being present in highest and lowest concentrations, respectively. Results from most of the parameters revealed not significant (p

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Pakistan Journal of Botany