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Anaesthesia; Centre for Innovation in Medical Education


The purpose of this audit was to find out the efficiency
of our system in providing premedication to surgical day
care patients. This audit was conducted in the Surgical Day
Care (SDC) Unit of a University Hospital. All patients
anaesthetised in the SDC unit on day care basis were included
in this audit. Nursing notes and preoperative orders of all
patients to be anaesthetised were checked to see whether
premedication was given or not and was the timing according
to the orders written. The result showed that out of 205
patients scheduled, twenty (9.7%) patients did not receive
premedication. Only 37.2% of our patients were receiving
premedication according to the orders. The majority of the
errors noted in our audit were system errors related to cancellation,
rescheduling and admitting the outpatient in the
inpatient ward.


JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association