General Anaesthesia for Emergency Caesarian Section in a Patient with Eisenmenger's Syndrome and Pre-eclampsia

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Pregnancy is poorly tolerated in patients with Eisenmenger syndrome (ES) with maternal mortality of 30-50%. Physiological changes of pregnancy decreases systemic vascular resistance that further aggravates the bi-directional or right to left shunt associated with ES. When it occurs with eclampsia, the morbidity and mortality are even higher. We report a case of 30 weeks pregnant woman with ES, who underwent emergency caesarian section because of pre-eclampsia. The intra-operative course was uneventful but she died on the second post-operative day. Post-operatively she was managed by the cardiologist in the coronary care unit. The probable cause being that she was over transfused, as the fluid status was not assessed by any invasive monitoring (like CVP). It was concluded that patients should be monitored closely in the post-operative period in the intensive care unit with complete invasive monitoring for up to a week to prevent factors resulting in worsening of the shunt (such as fluid balance) and thromboembolic phenomenon.