PGE1 nebulisation during caesarean section for Eisenmenger's syndrome: a case report.

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Introduction: Eisenmenger's syndrome in pregnancy can lead to death in 50% to 65% of parturients. Expensive invasive monitoring and medication have improved management and outcomes. Cheaper alternatives for the management of high-risk Patients who present with no prenatal care are still not available. Case Presentation: We describe the obstetric anaesthesia management of a 34-year-old, 34-weeks pregnant woman who presented with a recent diagnosis of severe Eisenmenger's syndrome. A combined spinal epidural anaesthesia was used together with invasive cardiac monitoring as well as PGE1 nebulisation after delivery of the baby. This helped achieve a reduction of shunt, improvement of hypoxia and reduction of pulmonary pressures. Conclusion: We found this to be a cheaper and safe alternative in the management of such Patients who present with no adequate prior management.

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Journal of Medical Case Reports