Surgical patients' perception about risks related to blood transfusion: A cross-sectional survey

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Objective: To determine the perception of surgical patients at Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) about the risks related to blood transfusion. The ultimate aim was to influence patients' acceptability of blood transfusion by reducing their fears through effective counselling.
Background: AKUH has a hospital-based blood bank with more than 90% family replacement donation. Many patients perceive blood transfusion as a risky procedure. This survey will help healthcare practitioners in addressing patients' concerns more effectively while counselling them about blood transfusion.
Methods/materials: It was a cross-sectional survey of patients attending anaesthesia clinic at AKUH during the study period. It assessed patients' perception about adverse effects associated with blood transfusion.
Results: A total of 363 patients were included. Among the participants, 18% considered blood transfusion to be very often or always risky. Blood transfusion related infections were considered most frequently occurring adverse events. Female patients were more concerned about the risks (p = 0.046).
Conclusion: Many patients consider blood transfusion as a high-risk procedure. Healthcare professionals need to understand patient's perceptions and conduct patient counselling accordingly. This will help physicians in addressing patient-specific concerns related to blood transfusion. Improved knowledge is hoped to translate into improvement in transfusion practices at the national level.


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Transfusion Medicine