Postgraduate anesthesiology training and COVID-19

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COVID 19 has caused a major disruption in social, economical and educational activities around the world . We are still not clear about the issues that the covid 19 has resulted in imparting post graduate training programs specially anesthesia .WE have seen some such disruptions in the past during SARS but this pandemic has taken the entire world by surprise . Training programs are still evaluating the impact of covid 19 .Some of the suggested changes in the methodology of our training and teaching involves obtaining active feed back of the anesthesia trainees , conducting on line classes for teaching preoperative assessments and clinical scenarios , clinical skills training by using high fidelity simulation and using assessment strategies which are somewhat different from the strategies that were used in the past . We also have to modify our criteria for graduating our trainees without affecting patient safety. It seems a difficult task but constant review of the situation, making changes as the situation evolves and reinforcement of training methodologies keeping the safety of trainee and the patient in mind will definitely help us in producing excellent future anesthesiologist.

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Anaesthesia, Pain & Intensive Care