Artificial intelligence--- Future of anesthesiology!!

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The term artificial intelligence (AI) was introduced in 1950. There have been many attempts to develop machines capable of performing cognitive and skill based tasks of anesthesiologist based on the principles of AI. These attempts have not been successful because of the complexities of anesthesia practice. Recent innovations in AI, especially machine learning, will continue to grow in importance in the years to come and will greatly revolutionize the face of anesthesia along with surgical practice, perioperative medicine practiced in clinics, and imaging interpretation. Anesthesiologists should continue to embrace this technology, stay up to date with the advances in AI, and also make genuine efforts to smoothly assimilate it in their routine practice now so that they can be the revolutionaries of their own future. We hope to see an ever-widening spectrum of the uses of AI in all fields of medical practice, and anesthesiology is not an exception. Its time our friends start visualizing the many applications of AI in their practice.

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Anaesthesia, Pain & Intensive Care


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