Efficacy of intravenous paracetamol in combination with lidocaine pretreatment for reducing pain during injection of propofol

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Introduction: The association of pain and discomfort of moderate to high severity and a high incidence with the intravenous (IV) administration of propofol is well known. Various physical and pharmacological methods are used to minimize propofol-induced pain, but the best intervention is still unknown. Therefore, our aim was to determine the analgesic efficacy of IV paracetamol when used in combination with lidocaine pretreatment in reducing propofol injection pain.
Materials and methods: This double-blind, randomized controlled trial was conducted after receiving the approval of our institutional research ethics board. A total of 74 patients were included after providing informed consent, and participants were placed into two equal groups: group A received IV paracetamol (1 g) in combination with lidocaine pretreatment prior to the injection of propofol, and group B received lidocaine pretreatment alone prior to propofol injection. After propofol injection, all participants were asked to evaluate pain on the visual analog scale.
Results: Patients who received the lidocaine-paracetamol combination reported significantly more pain-free responses (51.35%) than those from patients who received lidocaine pretreatment alone (8.11%; P<0.05). The analgesic efficacy of group A was positive in 36 patients (97.3%), and for group B, the analgesic efficacy was positive in 24 patients (64.9%).
Conclusion: The administration of IV paracetamol with lidocaine pretreatment was more effective than lidocaine pretreatment alone in reducing the pain caused by the injection of propofol. Physicians should consider using IV paracetamol in combination with lidocaine pretreatment when patients require IV propofol to ease patient suffering and reduce pain, which may help provide optimal patient care.


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