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Objective: South Asia has the highest mortality rate from burns in the world. Application of quality improvement methods to burn care can help identify health system gaps. Our overall aim is to introduce a sustainable hospital-based burn registry for resource-constrained settings to assess health outcomes of burn injury patients presenting to dedicated burn injury centers in South Asia.
Results: The South Asia Burn Registry (SABR) is implemented through collaborative approach in selected burn centers in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Th registry collects data on burn injury events, the care provided, and the functional status of patients at discharge from burn centers. It covers the entire spectrum of care provision for burn injury patients from the actual event through their discharge from the healthcare system. SABR investigates locally relevant contextual factors associated with burn injury and health-system requirements for burn patients receiving emergency and inpatient care in resource-constrained settings. It also explores factors associated with burn injury and care provision. SABR will inform better prevention and management efforts in South Asia and help to address healthcare needs of burn injury patients.


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