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Objective: To evaluate improvement in quality of anaesthesia induction using thiopentone and midazolam for co-induction of anaesthesia. An additional end point was taken as loss of response to a tetanic stimulation (50 Hz) delivered for 5 seconds after the loss of verbal contact and eyelash reflex.Methods: Ninety ASA I and II patients, within the age range of 20-60 years were studied. Patients were randomly divided into three equal groups; A, B and group C.Results: Onset of induction and loss of response to a tetanic stimulation was achieved earlier in group B as compared to the other study groups (p < 0.05).CONCLUSION: Co-induction with midazolam 0.02 mg x kg(-1) followed by thiopentone 3 mg x kg(-1) was superior to other two groups. Induction of anaesthesia in this group was found to be smoother and faster, provided better hemodynamic stability, better airway maintenance and with lesser incidence of untoward effects.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association