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Objective: To compare the results of Tramadol with Nalbuphine for dilatation and evacuation with total intravenous anaesthesia technique.Methods: A total of 70 patients (35 in each group) were included in this prospective, double blind randomized study. Intravenous tramadol 1.5 mg/kg and nalbuphine 0.1 mg/kg were compared in total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA) using a propofol infusion in patients undergoing dilatation and evacuation (D and E). Changes in haemodynamic variables greater than 20% from the base line values were noted.Results: There was no difference found in haemodynamic parameters. There was statistically significant difference found (p < 0.05) in postoperative recovery between the two groups.CONCLUSION: Quality of analgesia was better in nalbuphine group but both drugs provide suitable analgesic supplementation to TIVA.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association