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Objective: To assess the knowledge, sources of knowledge, attitude (fears and misconceptions) regarding Epidural Analgesia (EA) and practices of parturients delivery at Aga Khan University hospital (AKUH).Methods: A hospital based cross sectional study was conducted at the obstetric unit of AKUH, from November to December 2003. A questionnaire was filled through verbal interviews conducted on 448 parturients fulfilling the inclusion criteria.Results: Seventy six percent of the females were aware of epidural analgesia as a labor pain relieving method. However, only 19% availed EA. About 40% had heard about EA from their obstetricians and 64% from friends or relatives. Twenty even percent believed that EA has detrimental effects on the baby while 9% stated that EA can prolong the duration of labour.CONCLUSION: Majority of the pregnant females delivering at Aga Khan University Hospital were aware of epidural analgesia for labour. However, only a small proportion are availing this service, due to fears and misconceptions.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association